Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anyone ever write a post before coming up with a title?

I'm definitely not in attack mode right now.  I tried to get interested in 2013 Bowman, but it just wasn't happening.  I don't have a great deal of money to go out and hunt for the key cards I need to complete my '64, '73 and '75 sets that I'm working on.

So, as you saw the other day, I bought a "best of 2012" repack box.  I promised to show the rest of the box in my next post, so here you go!

First, the Gypsy Queens:

Pack 1, outside of the Frank Robinson moonshots insert, nothing to see here.

The Albert Pujols mini is a straight cut back, and I like the Future Stars card of Starlin Castro (must be that it's blue...something about that color with me....not sure why....)

Again, not a whole lot to see here.  The Johnny Bench mini is also a straight cut back variation.  If you need any of them, don't be shy, let me know.

The Topps Archives release in the end turned out to be a product that didn't particularly excite me.  It makes me wonder if they are just testing future Heritage releases to see if they'll work (I'm sure they will).  I think part of my reason for the lack of interest in this set is that it's kind of small at only 200 cards +SPs. 

The Singleton in the middle is a SP, card #204.  There might be somebody out there still trying to get all the SPs.

Starlin Castro seems to be another name that I keep pulling, no matter what the brand.  The floating head Mickey Mantle is pretty cool, and up for trade if any Yankees fans are in need of it for their collections.

The 2012 Heritage set was something that I swore off, and amazingly for me, I did.  I don't recall for sure, but at most I think bought about 1 blaster, and maybe a handful of rack packs. 

The only thing that I found interesting in this pack was the arm patch on the Vlady Guerrero card.  I can honestly say I have never seen it before, and to me it looks like the Orioles trying to copy the Ravens logo. 

Hey kids, guess who that is in the center again?  Yep, Starlin Castro was in each of the products I showcased today.  I wonder if that is somebody somewhere trying to tell me something.  The Ricky Romero Chrome in the lower left goes into the Blue Jays collection, as the serial number is not one I needed for the Serial Insanity set.

Anyone ever write a post before coming up with a title?  I just did....

I promise it will get least I hope it will...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I keep buying them myself from time to time -to time but your post reminds me why pack busting is usually disappointing, particularly at full price. In terms of writing a post before the title -- all the time. Usually there's a working title that gets changed, sometimes at the last minute. As with most of us, I'm pleased if I come up with what I think is something "clever".

  2. Hackenbush expressed it perfectly -- pack busting these days just ain't thrilling. Unless you're trying to build the set of the particular product. Otherwise, I'd rather spend my dough on eBay or at card shows and such.