Friday, May 31, 2013

A dry week to say the least

Today ends the 45th week of the 2nd year of this blog.  In the previous 96 weeks, I cannot remember a time where I went an entire week without purchasing at least one card.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  I didn't even look at cards on eBay this week.  Didn't check my want lists, didn't look to complete any sets on sportlots, didn't handle any of my collection at all.

Dry?  I guess you could say that.  Does it concern me at all?  Not in the least.  Between the pressures of work this week (shorthanded every day, less than half staff the last 2 days..), and finding other things to do (Pirates/Tigers series was a great one to watch), my collection and the blog world pretty much took a back seat.

To be honest, it probably wouldn't hurt me to take another week or 2 off from purchasing cards.  Would it be tough?  You better believe it, because one of the things I've enjoyed doing on Saturdays is heading out in search of cards, whether it be at a card show, or the local big box store. 

Maybe the lack of interest in collecting is a sign that it's time to get what I have collected organized and put away.  I've said that many times before, but the clutter has gotten out of hand.

Maybe as I put them away, I will be able to find some cards that are post worthy, such as this Patrick Roy card:

They may not do well in Colorado next year, but with Roy behind the bench, it sure will be interesting.

Maybe I can find cards of teammates such as these two Pirates:

Both of these guys had streaks ended this evening against the Reds, but it appears to be even more promising this year in Pittsburgh than years past.

Or how about a playoff hero of the past who has another chance at glory this year...

I'm not so sure that if LA gets a 3-1 lead over Chicago in the upcoming western conference final that they will let Chicago off the hook like Detroit did.  All I know is, with Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago and LA remaining, all potential Stanley Cup Final match ups will be very entertaining. 

Let the search begin...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Cardboard clutter must be an illness... because I've been infected with it too.