Sunday, May 19, 2013

1977 Topps: My top 20 5 through 1

The final 5.  I'm sure that there are some people that have looked at #'s 20 through 6 and thought that I could have made better choices.

I like what I like.  Enjoy the top of the crop....

Card #5:  #277 N.L. Championship 

This is another card that I've featured on the blog in the past, and it's probably the second best "action" card in the set.  Pete Rose rounding 2nd heading for 3rd, passing Larry Bowa on the basepaths while Bake McBride throws the ball in from the outfield.

Like I said in the past, I still hear the train whistle when I see Rose running on this card.  Mike Schmidt better be ready....

Card #4:  #6 1976 Strikeout Leaders 

Probably the two greatest pitchers of my lifetime featured on the same card.  You bet this is going to be in the countdown.  All the strikeout pitchers seemed to be on the same team in both leagues...

The top 2 in the AL were Ryan and Frank Tanana, both on the Angels, while 3 of the top 8 strikeout pitchers in the NL were on the Mets (Seaver, Koosman, Matlack).

Card #3:  #295 Gary Carter 

Name me a guy who enjoyed baseball more than Gary Carter did during his time in MLB.  Tough to do, isn't it?  Love the catchers pose, with the bags of equipment lying on the grass behind him.  Just reminds you of little league, doesn't it?

It's a shame that we had to lose Gary so young.  It's also sad that he was appreciated more after he was gone. 

Card #2:  #500 Dave Kingman 

Another first overall pick, Kingman was taken by the Giants in the 1970 draft.  The very next season, Dave hit the first of his 442 career HRs , a grand slam off of Pittsburgh's Dave Giusti.  I can almost see him admiring the flight of the ball on this card, I'm sure that one of his 37 HRs from 1976 is pictured here.

You don't mess with "Kong", or at worst, you didn't throw him a pitch in the middle of the plate, unless you wanted it sent into orbit.

Card #1:   #640 Carlton Fisk 

Is it the fact that he's tagging out a Yankee (Willie Randolph) in the photo?  Yea, that's a big part of it.  But for a set that doesn't have a large amount of action photos, to have this card among them easily makes it the top of the list, at least in my view.

Of all the career stats that Fisk obtained, the 24 seasons, 376 HRs, 11 All Star Selections, Rookie of the Year, etc etc, I would like to meet the over 100 people that left him off of their Hall of Fame ballot. 

I hope that you enjoyed my top 20 countdown of what I thought to be the best '77 Topps cards. 

Go ahead, have your fun, ask me why I didn't include a particular card.   I'm sure I'll have a reason for you.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I have my preferences that weren't on there (Rose, Garner, Bill North, Luzinski), but the only one that I think SHOULD have been on there that wasn't was Fidrych.

  2. Yeah I'm with N.O., the Fidrych is THE iconic card from this set. Although the Fisk is a very good 1a choice. I also would have added in the crudely drawn Rick Jones Mariners card just for sheer comedic value. Or perhaps my personal favorite Rusty Torres #224 for the wonderful background imagery.

    However, these are your opinions. I will say that I have enjoyed reading them for the past few days. Great job on this.

  3. "I like what I like." Thanks, very enjoyable countdown. The Randy Jones and Gary Carter are the only ones I have in my binders, but hopefully that changes soon. That Fisk card is awesome, not sure how I've never seen that one before. My countdown would've included Tito Fuentes, but its not like its a glaring omission. Well done.

  4. The Fisk and Carter would definitely be in my Top 5 from this set. Probably the Kingman, too. And, yes, the Fidrych would definitely be my #1 from '77 Topps, but to each their own.

    Nice countdown overall, though, Robert!

  5. I've got one of those Fisks myself and it's easily one of my favorites as well.