Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 5 starts...ebay auction arrival

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  Today's mail brought me a nice little 4 card jersey lot from the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes set.  When I decided to bid on this auction, I didn't realize that the Sheets card was limited to 25 copies...I was actually just hoping to start building up a stash of jersey cards for some trade bait.  To be honest, I think I wound up with a pretty good deal here.  A better scan of the cards is below:

Four jersey cards cost just under $7 shipped

Nothing special to the jersey swatches, but again I wasn't looking for fancy when I bid on this.  Also today, I went out and did something that I hadn't done in at least 8 next post will tell you what that was.

Thanks for reading...Robert

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