Sunday, August 21, 2011

A quiet Sunday...pause for reflection and my good fortune..

Good afternoon all, has been a quiet afternoon here at home, aside from the thunderstorms that rolled in about 130 pm.  I was kind of struggling thinking of what to post, then I realized just how busy I had been so far this month, and what a difference it has been since the last time I was this involved in card trading on the internet (which was back in 2003).  I've bought cards off and on over the past several years, but it was usually on trips to Wal Mart, never to a card store which is where the selection is better and the hobby is more relevant. 

Towards the end of July, I was starting to get the itch again to get back into the hobby on a consistent basis, so I did some poking around.  I found a few card blogs that I liked, and started to read them and get involved.  I completed my first trade and had my cards in less than 1 week, and I was hooked.  I will say this, what I see on the internet now is much different than it was many years ago.  People are friendlier, and it's much more of a community now than it was many years ago.  I read all the time on blogs about how people are saving cards for other collectors, sending packets in the mail out of the blue, and it's amazing.   

So, I decided at the end of July to start my own blog.  I sat down, and tried to figure out my own little niche, and that evening came up with the title, and just started writing, hoping that I might find a couple people that would read the blog from time to time and maybe spark a trade or two once in a while.  To say that I'm shocked with the results so far in my 4th week is an understatement.  Never in my wildest thoughts did I think I would have 24 followers, over 500 page views since I started writing on a daily basis, and have worked over 15 trades with fellow bloggers so far.  Every person that I have traded with so far has been 1) generous to a fault 2) quick to ship their end of the trade 3) friendly beyond compare.

Guys, and are what makes this hobby run...not the card companies, not the players, but you the collectors.  For without you, the Topps machine slows to a halt, Upper Deck never comes into existence, and Panini remains in Europe.  Praise the cards you love, bash the ones you hate, but most importantly....have fun doing it, no matter what!! (this has been a public service announcement from your local PBS station.....)

I plan to keep on blogging for quite a while, and I look forward to sharing new products, new ideas and great trades with as many people as I can.  If you have any ideas for posts, or trades, don't hesitate to leave a comment, or send me an email.  

As always, thanks for reading....Robert


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Robert. Blogging about cards has definitely brought a new angle to collecting cards for me as well.

    Your cards arrived this weekend. I hope to have a trade post up soon on the blog so everyone else will know how much I appreciated the swap.

  2. Nice post! It's a nice little place, this card blog world, and I'm glad to find your blog!