Saturday, August 26, 2023

Another '59, and is the Niekro an accidental upgrade?

Took a couple of evenings away from the blog, was getting a bit tough writing after 10PM each night.  I have had a couple of cards I wanted to show for a few days and here's my chance.

Both of the cards on this post are from the same eBay seller.  I grabbed the Francona for $4, not bad really and the card is in nice condition.  The other card I'm going to show was a card that I thought I didn't have originally and finding it for $1.50 was stupendous.

A 1971 Topps Phil Niekro that I was stoked to find in nice shape for so cheap was fantastic.  Then I took a look at the original one I have in the collection...

Outside of the coloring on the left hand side of the card, I believe the photo on this card has more of a skin tone than the first picture, so now I'm not so sure.  I'll think on it a bit before I decide, unless someone gives me a compelling argument on either card in the comments.  

33 cards left for the '59 set.  We're getting there.