Friday, January 14, 2022

$3.5 million?? I have enough trouble buying cards on Sportlots for over a quarter

Yes, it's been 2 1/2 months since I've decided to write a post and my first attempt at writing was inspired by a tweet from Logan Paul (whom I have no idea about) saying he was bilked out of $3.5 million on a fake Pokemon card scam.

First, why in the world would anyone pay that kind of money for cards?  Don't understand that thinking at all.   I guess if you have it you're more apt to blow it, right?

Second, if I WERE to spend that kind of money, which I'd have to win the Powerball to even think about doing, I certainly wouldn't hit the Pokemon card market.  I know that there are people out there that are into those types of cards, but I imagine that the market for that down the road certainly would not be as big as for baseball/football/basketball/hockey cards.  

Hell, in my world I still struggle buying cards for more than a quarter on Sportlots when I'm placing orders.  Yes, the "I can't see them in front of me when I'm buying them" still plays a big part of it, even though I've placed enough orders over the past few years to know the sellers that are reputable and those that shouldn't be grading 2nd grade math tests, let alone cards.

But I digress....

I've had lots of fun since I last wrote at the end of October, cards mostly playing a part of that.  I doubt anyone noticed that I stayed away from the New Year's "what I'm going to do this year" ritual that I've done for the past few years.  I'm going to do the same thing I've done for the past decade on the blog.  Collect cards, trade with the good folks on TCDB, write from time to time and try to finish some more sets.

1979 Topps football is one set that I've added to over the past couple of months, this one part of a trade on TCDB that also contained cards from a couple of A&G sets that are on the go...

While I've been away, I've managed to knock quite a few cards off of the A&G want lists thanks in part to a lot of great traders on the TCDB site.   My current want list total for Allen & Ginter sets between 2006-2020 is at 955 cards, which isn't bad for getting into chasing these late in the game.   I have 3 years (06,07 & 14) which all have over 200 cards each.   

I also haven't even started on 2021 yet, so there's still a bit of work to do.   

I tried to make a big push right at the end of 2021 to hit the 500-transaction plateau on TCDB and didn't quite make it (498), but it was good to get trading again as my job and my house (more on the house in another post) kind of put a dent into card collecting for a couple of months.  

Back and having fun...still



  1. Nice to read a post from you again. Always enjoy your thoughts.
    I don't have a big problem paying more than a quarter for a card on Sportlots, it's the postage that makes me cringe. I hate paying 25 cents or more per card. 4 for $1 postage, I understand, I don't like it but I understand. Dealers who want $1.50 or even $3+ for 4 cards- that drives me away.
    Welcome back!

  2. Nice seeing you again.

    I saw people that think that the video was faked, but who knows.

  3. Rick Kane looks like a porn star!

    The Paul brothers are annoying, but sadly $3.5Mil is like a $20 bill to those clowns.

  4. I heard about that 3.5M scam yesterday. Feel bad for Baseball Card Exchange and everyone else who had to go through this drama. As for Pokemon itself... I'm pretty neutral. I have some of those cards from the days of selling and giving away packs to my students. Crazy to think those packs are worth hundreds of dollars these days. But to a lot of kids growing up in the late 90's... they remind them of their childhood... just like baseball cards for me.

  5. Given that there are more kids interested in Pokemon than sports these days, and certainly more collecting Pokemon cards than sports cards; I would not be surprised at all if Pokemon cards remain relevant far longer than sports cards.

  6. Without looking up the video or anything, I'm confused how someone could get scammed that much for something like that. Did he buy this in a back alley parking lot or something? Get an email from a Nigerian Prince? Something tells me he's getting his money back somehow, and this isn't a big deal for him.