Friday, January 21, 2022

500 is in the rearview mirror

Have had a good run of trades so far this month on TCDB, so much so that the 500-transaction mark that I passed on the third is already up to 507, with 8 trades in some form of progress.

I received a small one today, just 5 cards, but they hit 4 different want lists which I thought was great.  I had to send a few Flyers cards to Paul (TCDB ID: flyers4life) but the cards I got in return filled some pretty good holes...

Starting off with a couple of current Maple Leafs to help add to the Leaf collection, which I decided to move to one of those solid plastic 4 row boxes that BCW is now selling (Amazon link here ).  I really do like the product, it's very sturdy but not super heavy (yet, I still don't have it full).  I got it for Christmas which was great because the price point had the box on my "do I want it that bad" list.  

Slowly creeping its way towards completion, 1981 Topps has been a relatively fun build so far and hopefully as it gets closer to being done I can find a Joe Montana RC for a nice price.   

Wish me luck

Another set that came as part of the trade is the 86-87 OPC set, with Steve Yzerman being a nice card to add to the set build.  I started knocking down a bunch of commons on Sportlots a while back, and I have a few more in my current Sportlots box.   The set is small, just 264 cards and I'm now about 2/3 of the way through.  A lot of big names still to go, including RCs of several great players with the most expensive being Patrick Roy.

One day, I truly believe I will hit a vein of these cards somewhere on the cheap and put a good dent into this want list.  The 2018-19 OPC Retro parallel is a beast at 600 cards, and I've not even hit the 50-card mark yet.  My eyes did light up a bit when I saw this as part of the trade package, which some might think a little crazy considering the rest of the trade you've already seen above, but hey this guy thinks a bit different than most!!

Thanks for the trade Paul, it is appreciated.   Hopefully more trades are in our future.

Still having fun here!



  1. I need the Montana for my set too. The problem is he's a legend in my neck of the woods, so finding a reasonably priced copy is never gonna happen. Best of luck on landing one for your set.

  2. There'll certainly never be another Jack Lambert!

  3. Good luck on the Montana, that can be tough.