Friday, September 23, 2016

My scanning arm is tired

I don't know if I've ever scanned as much for a post as I did with the 2nd half of the great envelope that Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown sent me.

12 scans!  What was I thinking.   I might have to go on the DL with scanner's elbow...

All kidding aside, Gavin did a great job at knocking a bunch of Blue Jays off the want list.

A 6 pack of Heritage, including 3 high numbers!  There was actually 8 cards total in the Heritage portion, leaving me with just a couple more Bautista high number versions to go.

There were 7 '99 Bowman cards in the lot, Vernon Wells didn't make the cut because he appears later on.

There were just 5 2000 Bowman cards, so I threw in a 2000 Topps Chrome Tony Fernandez to make the scan a little more even. 

A couple of '85 Fleer Limited Editions that I thought I already had, but didn't.  The 9 of Spades represented by Tom Candiotti is also new to the collection.

Told you Vernon would show up later, as part of a duo of '06 Fleer Showcase cards.   This is just the start of the Roy Halladay cards.

2007 Heritage

 2005 Donruss.   Can't believe I still need a couple more of these.

A little Gold Label for you.  Sorry drinkers, no Red or Blue Labels here...

 Finish up the base cards with Billy Koch from Topps 2000 (yes, I still need some of these as well).  This segues into...

1998 Best Billy Koch autograph!  I believe it's the first minor league auto card of a Blue Jay that I own.  It's already on the Just the Hits--Blue Jays page.

This next one was even better..

2004 Topps Chrome Dave Stieb autograph!!  My favorite all time Blue Jays pitcher, I now have 2 copies of this card, and wouldn't mind owning more.  Shame on me for not adding the other one I had to the hits page before.

Last but certainly not least, Gavin sent me a couple cards that I really got a kick out of pulling from the envelope.

A couple of his customs.

A Vin Scully card!!  Can't beat that no way no how.  I am going to miss hearing his voice once he retires.  A true broadcasting legend, there will never be another like him.  The Josh Donaldson card was actually in the envelope  twice, so I have an extra one for any of my fellow Blue Jays bloggers/collectors if they want.

Gavin, a fantastic envelope, thank you very much!!!  Let's not wait a couple of years before the next trade, shall we?

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Happy to help you out!
    As for the Donaldson customs.. they are actually different. The one you scanned is the error (remember.. I stupidly listed him as outfield). The other is the corrected variation (infield).

  2. I once scanned more than 1000 cards in a day. Talk about arm tiring, just lifting the lid alone was a workout, especially as I used my good scanner and it was a heavy lid, LOL. Of course back then I really didn't know what I was doing so a lot of those scans have been replaced by better ones now.
    The Gold Label card is my favorite here. I've always really liked that brand a lot.