Monday, January 14, 2019

A bit of Ebay love to a trio of sets

For some reason I got the ebay bug last weekend and hopped on the site to try and find some cards.  I hit one of my usual sellers, Burbank Sportscards and found 7 cards for $20 to take advantage of their free shipping offer.

3 want lists are now a little lighter.  Let's start with 1983-84 O-Pee-Chee hockey

I figured it was time to really try and finally cut this set out of my way.  What I thought would be more costly are the three Gretzky league leader cards.  The 3 of them cost $8 total.  Unbelievably cheap, and add in the Steve Larmer UER for another 3 bucks and I'm just 14 cards from completion.   A trio of cards coming in my next COMC shipment drops that number even lower....

For just $2.25 this Darryl Strawberry rookie has found a home.   My next post will show off a few more '84 Topps cards as this set winds its way down to completion.  I'm sure many years ago the Strawberry rookie was probably worth more than a couple of bucks, but I'm not complaining that I got it so cheap. 

That leaves me with just the Mattingly RC to go as far as the higher value cards needed to finish the '84 set.

A long neglected set build has been the '59 Topps set, which had been sitting on 103 cards remaining for several months.  I came across the Covington all star card for $5 (another good deal) and started hunting around.  The only other card I found was Johnny Antonelli for a couple of bucks. 

Honestly?  It was just good to get a couple of cards knocked off the '59 want list as part of this purchase.  The '59 set will not be one of the five that I finish this year.   The '84 Topps and 83-84 OPC for sure will be.

Tonight's post is just the start.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 5, 2019

One hundred & 5

First post of 2019, and first off I want to say Happy New Year (yes 4 days late) to all out there who read this slice of insanity; I hope that everything collecting related goes your way in 2019.

In years past, I've posted resolutions on New Years Day, and each year I usually fail on a few of them.  This year, that's not going to happen.  Two reasons.

One, I was at Walt Disney World on New Years Day.  No chance of any post happening that day.   I had a blast by the way....

Two, I have only two things that I want to accomplish in 2019.  They involve the post title as you might have guessed.

I want to complete 5 sets this year.  I'm within shouting distance of three right now (2 of them hockey), one of which is the set pictured below.

Just before I left for Disney, I placed a 106 card order on Sportlots, all of them from the '84 Topps set.  The seller, bandit24, offers free shipping for any order over 100 cards, so I took that opportunity and knocked off a good portion of my want list.  The order arrived today, and includes the 18 cards above. 

My want list for '84T is down to 63 cards.  Mattingly and Strawberry RCs are the two big cards left, everything else I believe are all commons, so this could be the first set to drop in 2019.

The 2nd goal I'd like to accomplish in 2019 is a little more lofty, but with the success I had at the end of 2018, I believe it is within my reach.

Complete 100 trades on the TCDB this year.  I just sent my first offer a short time ago to a new trading partner (hopefully they accept).  2 trades a week will get me to 100 by the middle of December, but I'd like to get there quicker than that.   Just have to keep with it.

That's it for the 2019 wish list.   Looking forward to sharing all my 2019 collecting stories with everyone out there!

Thanks for reading!