Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A bit warped?

I'm kind of writing this on the fly tonight so hopefully I'll make my point before the end of the post.

I stopped collecting football cards a few years ago, as I thought it would be the first step in reducing how much product I bought.  But as time has gone by and my collecting tastes have evolved, football cards have crept their way back in.

Especially Larry Fitzgerald.  I started collecting him a few months back; I've always liked him as a player, and after watching the Amazon "All or Nothing" series on the Arizona Cardinals my desire to collect his cards grew.

OK, this brings me to my story.   I hit the monthly card show last weekend and stopped at a table that was offering inserts 3/$1 (a great way to add to my PC's).  I wound up with 36 cards out of those boxes, so I started digging through his other more valuable inserts/parallels hoping to round out my purchase to $20.

I found this card:

2017 Panini Select Premier Level Purple Die Cut Prism #'d 75/75
The price on the card?  $10.  I figured based on last month's purchase that he'd knock the card down to $8 to make it an even $20.  Nope, he gave me the card for $5!  Even better....

But here's how I've thought about my PC's lately.   I had no problem at all paying $5 for this card, and would have paid the $8 (or $10) easily.  Any of my other PC's, including my longest and largest one (Joe Sakic), I probably would have said no. 

Not sure why I've progressed this way, but I'm more excited and willing to pay more to add cards to my Fitzgerald collection, especially limited serial #'d cards such as this one.  I can't for the life of me figure out why.

Maybe my preferences have become a bit warped?  Maybe it's because I find more Fitzgerald cards at the card shows than I do most of my other player collections? 

I honestly don't know.  Maybe I'm thinking too much and should just enjoy the fact that I found this card so cheap...

Thanks for reading!



  1. i know nothing about this fellow bit the card is a beauty for $5!

  2. Sounds like you're just having a lot of fun putting together your Larry Fitzgerald collection, that's all!

  3. Our minds work in mysterious ways! As a Seahawk fan... and a guy who lives in the Bay Area... I watch more Cardinals games/highlights that I'd like to admit. Larry Fitzgerald is a great guy. If I didn't have so many player PC's... I'd probably collect him too.