Thursday, February 8, 2018

The first 50

You know, I could sit here for several hours over several days and put all these cards away that Adam sent me, but then if I did that, I wouldn't be sharing the joy of seeing some of these cards again.  Or for the first time.

So, I'm going to take the stacks and divide them into 50 card chunks.  Easier to write about, easier to scan and decide what I want to write about. 

The posts might be small, but they'll be more manageable.   I'll also be able to update my want lists slowly instead of going through several hundred cards at once and making mistakes (no doubt).

I've already put away the '89 Upper Deck cards and updated that want list, that set is down to 208 cards left.  I also stupidly put away the 1970 Topps cards before scanning them, but seeing that list drop by 61 cards was something that put a smile on my face.

So let's get started on the rest of the cards, shall we?  Let's start with 50 '85 Topps cards.

I pulled out a few of them....

Reading the backs of these record breakers cards was quite interesting.  Carlton Fisk catching all 25 innings in one game?!  Don Sutton striking out 100+ batters in 19 seasons.  Steve Garvey going over a full season without an error at first base.  Some great stuff here.  I don't know if Topps has any record breakers in this year's set, but if they don't they should find a way to include them in the future (yes I know that records aren't broken every day).

I've seen a couple of others mention bringing back manager cards.  Yea, I'm all for that as well.

  • Padres brown tops with the yellow lettering.   Yes
  • Powder blue Twins uniforms with the red batting helmet.   Yes Yes
  • Pittsburgh with the gold tops, black pants and pill box caps.   Oh hell yes!
Bring em all back...oh and find someone in today's game that chokes up on a bat as much as Mickey Hatcher is in his photo.

Does anybody wear glasses on the field anymore?  I'm sure that some do, but I can't think of anyone who does right off hand.  Oh, and a team in Montreal?  You bet.  Toronto/Montreal games each year would sell a shit load of tickets in either city.

It's probably a cup of coffee, but I prefer to think of it as a Red Solo cup, which is what I thought it was at first.  Come on, I'm sure that there's one or two old school players that still have a belt or two in the clubhouse after games (or before depending on your preference).

So there's 14 of the first 50 I'm putting away tonight.  I'm going to try and push myself to get these posts up regularly over the next couple of weeks, mostly because I'm getting a bit anal about keeping my desk relatively clutter free, and these stacks are big.

thanks for reading, Robert

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