Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trying to field a team

I figured that I would have some fun with this next group of 50 cards from 1980 Topps and try and field a team of starting players.

This team is fairly good, a bit weak in the infield and has only one decent reliever, but I'm sure that the strength of the starting staff and the bench probably could get this team a few wins.

Before we start with the team, let's show the one team photo first....for you Dodger fans out there.

How about a double play photo for those who prefer them...

Sorry Joel, it looks as if you're out on the play.

I didn't count the league leader cards as part of my team, but the pitchers on these two cards could certainly make a great staff.

OK trivia geeks out there, can anyone remember if a pair of brothers ever led a league (or placed 1-2) in victories other than the Niekro brothers in '79?   If anyone knows this let me know in the comments.

Now for the team.   The outfield is strong with 2/3 of the Expos outfield in the starting lineup

3 pretty good bats there, and no doubt probably 70 homers combined over a full season. 

Backups?  Don Baylor and Ralph Garr could fill in in a pinch. 

The infield isn't the strongest, but has a couple of solid players.

Mike Edwards only lasted 4 years in the bigs and hit .250 for his career.  If Tim Foli had been listed as a 2nd basemen he would have been in this spot.   Paul Dade was a light hitting 3rd baseman whose career ended in 1980 with the Padres. 

The other two guys you know all too well, Dave Kingman being the all power tons of strikeouts hitter that made it cool in the 70's, and Dave Concepcion the anchor of the Big Red Machine's infield.

You need some good catchers to catch this starting staff, and I'm sure that these two fit the bill.

 McCarver had a long career catching the staff ace...

Carlton would be the ace of a super starting staff comprised of 4 lefties...

Imagine getting a day off from a lefty, only to face knuckleballer Phil Niekro.  I could see Alan Ashby being the designated catcher for Phil. 

The closer Ron Davis had his good seasons in the early 80's after he left the Bronx for Minnesota.   Ron would compile 106 saves over 4 seasons between 82-85 and then after that something happened as his career went sideways and he was never really effective after that (his ERA in Minnesota in '86 was over 9.00)

I have just over 200 more cards to go through from the group of 1980 Topps that Adam sent, so I'll try and make up 3 more teams and see how they would compare to this group.

The starting staff is going to be hard to beat...

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. The closest I can find is the Perry Brothers leading their respective leagues in wins in 1970..