Monday, November 13, 2017


After this past Saturday's card show, I decided to head to the local Target to pick up a few packs of cards to finish off the day's purchases.

The card aisle there was a bit in disarray, but what popped right out at me was the new NHL sticker album for the 17-18 season.  I briefly flipped through the album and upon seeing that the set was just over 500 stickers strong, I put it back down.

I then thought to myself that I had bought and started the '17 baseball sticker album, and began to hunt around the shelves for any packs of stickers.  No sense starting the album like I did a couple of months ago and not at least try a little to fill it.

What's cool about the stickers is the size, at least for scanning.  This is 2 full packs, 16 in total.  I bought 4 packs and only pulled 2 doubles (better than the card packs I usually buy). 

Here's one of the pages that I'm close to completing, and as you can see coloring inside the lines was never one of my strong suits. 

The set is relatively small, just 301 stickers total.  I have about 1/3 of them so far, and putting the 30 stickers I had tonight into the album was kind of therapeutic.  It'll be interesting for me to see how long it takes to finish the album.

Maybe it'll take some sticktoitiveness on my part to get it done...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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