Friday, November 7, 2014

Now the pressure is on

I received an email last week from Kyle at the Nolan's Dugout blog.  Kyle mentioned that he had some Blue Jays cards for me, and he asked if I could peruse his want list.   Kyle's want list is quite extensive, and I was able to hit his lists for a box worth of cards, full of inserts and base cards that he needed for those sets.

Well, Kyle sent me a box back in return.  It was filled with close to 200 Jays cards, all of them on my want list.  Now you see why the pressure is on.  After the efforts of the past few weeks to "de-clutter" my desk (to a degree), in comes another stack of cards to try and thwart those plans.

The want list is already updated, and all I have to do now is get the new cards into the spreadsheet before moving them to the Jays box.  To make room for the new cards, I have to start getting more pages done and into binders.   Let's start with a page of Pat Hentgen cards, one of my favorite pitchers back in the 90's.

Top Row:  both ends of the spectrum

I didn't buy a lot of Finest back when it first came out.   Back then it never struck me as worth chasing.   The price point was too high, and the designs at times struck me as "loud".  I have a bigger appreciation of the cards now, and even more so when they are Jays.   Stadium Club was always a favorite of mine, but I never had the opportunity to acquire a lot of 1st day issues.  Collectors Choice was an easy choice for me, the price point was right and the cards featured UD's quality photography. 

Middle row:  The finest red art

If I had three Finest cards for this Hentgen page, I would have put them all in one row.   In this case, I only had 2 so I split them up.  I think the bronze works well with the Topps Gallery Impressions card in the center, along with the UD red Canada Day jersey card on the left.

Bottom row:  that can't be good for his arm....

Look at the first two cards.  The torque on his arm.  It's no wonder that pitchers have arm problems.  The Pinnacle on the right features a solid follow through on what probably was a fastball. 

I have quite a few cards for players pulled together and waiting to be put into pages.  There's no excuse for me now to not get them posted on the blog and into my players page binder.  I guess that's where the pressure comes in.  I love when the cards come in, but the battle to keep them sorted (especially when a box arrives) is something that I have to keep ahead of. 

You can keep challenging me if you want......

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I love that red Canada Day uniform on Hentgen's 1997 UD card.

  2. That is the problem I'm having lately. Between all the trades, eBay purchases and a few box breaks I've gotten way behind. It's a good problem to have though. I told myself no more eBay until I clean up as a motivating factor.