Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cheaper than a quad relic card

The 2nd of two eBay posts this week compares the quad relic card I got the other day for $10 shipped versus this lot of 23 '67 Topps cards.  I managed to snag the lot below for less than the cost of the Jays relic;  the cost of this lot was just $9 shipped.

The lot was actually 30 cards altogether, but there were 4 duplicates (not mentioned in the listing, that's my own fault for not asking first), and three of the cards were cards that I already owned.  

The cards are in pretty good shape, none are creased and the corners for the most part are in decent condition.  With Ken "the Hawk" Harrelson and Mickey Lolich as part of the deal, this was a nice pick up for me. 

These cards double the total I have toward the set, which is a long way from being a focus item for me.  I still have '64 and '73 and '59 Topps sets that are on the go, maybe this weekend's card show will help to put a bit of a dent into those.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice lot! I really like the "Hawk" card as well!

  2. What a great lot! By the way I found some more Thome's for you.

    1. Awesome Matt, I'll have a couple of Pirates for you as well. Card show this weekend so I'll see if anything catches my eye for ya...

  3. Someone in the blogosphere should start collecting unibrow players. Wally Moon, Tom Phoebus, Pete Ladd...