Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who needs this year's Heritage?

I heard through the Twitter verse that the '14 Heritage release was put off for a week, much to the dismay of a lot of people.

I have no need to worry about that.   I've already got my set started.  This checklist will tell you so...

What would have been really nice is for this checklist to have been accurate when I purchased it.   Ernie Banks would be in hand, which would mean one less pricey card to pick up. 

Packs are 8 cards total usually for Heritage, correct?  OK, here's the other 7 cards for you.

Not a bad pack if I do say so myself.  The Rico Carty is my favorite, largely because he played for the Jays during the '78 and '79 seasons to finish off his career.  Carty also finished 2nd in ROY voting in 1964, losing out to Dick Allen. 

OK, so my Heritage set has 590 cards left to go.  And yes, it will probably cost a little more to build than the '14 set. 

At least I didn't have to wait an extra week to get it started.

Thanks for reading, Robert