Saturday, March 8, 2014

This pile is a lot more manageable

You've read my posts lately talking about the piles of Blue Jay cards that I've been sorting through.  I've typed the word "piles" so much lately that I think I'm starting to become the king of hemorrhoids. 

Don't get me wrong, the giant envelopes full of cards that I've received recently are appreciated.  But the PWE I received today from Marcus at all the way to the backstop was the kind of break I needed.

4 cards, all Blue Jays, easy to add to the spreadsheet.

A couple of 2014 Topps parallels start this off:

I wonder if DeRosa knows that the Bills aren't coming to play in Toronto this year.  Redmond did well as a part time starter for the Jays last year, and has a chance to become a full time starter with the club this year.

The Jays probably should have checked Scott Brow's birth certificate before drafting him, because he sure doesn't look like he's at least 18 years old on this card (actually, he was 25).  Brow only pitched in parts of 3 seasons with the Jays in the mid 90's, and then finished up his career with the Diamondbacks in 1998.

Finally, this Vinnie Chulk 2006 green parallel was a great find.  I didn't even know that there were multiple parallels of this set (a quick eBay search and I found other different colored parallels as well).   It makes your head spin just how many cards UD printed in 2006, because there are 1250 cards in the set, and with parallels #'d out of 50, 99 and 299 (that I know of), the printing presses probably worked a lot of overtime back then.  Still this is a cool card to add to the Jays collection.

Marcus, thank you very much for the PWE!!  Totally unexpected and appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I am actually working on the parallels for 2006 Special FX Rockies this year. It is proving to be very difficult. There are four parallels for the set, blue, red, green, and purple. The blue are not numbered but they seem to be the most rare, the red is /50, the green is /99 and the purple is /150. There is a bit of good news, the set is "only" 1025 cards. It is not a full parallel of the flagship set, but there are some cards included that were not in the flagship set which makes it difficult (and annoying) to see what you need for a team set.