Saturday, March 22, 2014

Now that the '75T chase is complete

It's time to get to work on the '73 Topps set.  There's still one big fish in the set that I need to obtain, the Mike Schmidt/Ron Cey RC.  Otherwise, I'm doing all right so far with only 109 cards remaining to complete the set.  I do have 15 cards marked down as needing upgrades, which is a task that I'll work on once the set is complete. 

As far as recent '73 acquisitions go, I picked up some at last month's show, and blog reader Mark H. sent me a few goodies as well.

Let's start with the verticals...

I was glad to obtain card #1 in the set at the last show, the Ruth/Aaron/Mays all time HR leaders card.  The condition wasn't the greatest, but I wasn't going to fuss when the card was priced at $5.  The top row of this scan came to me courtesy of Mark, with the two legendary Giants players being a very nice surprise in my envelope.

I also have a scan of horizontal cards to show off as well.

Another great addition to the '73 set was the Willie Stargell card in the lower right hand column.  I haven't taken a good look at who is remaining out of the last 109 cards I need, but I'm sure that there are still quite a few star cards that I need.  The Clemente card is one that comes to mind. 

I'm already looking forward to putting another classic 70's set to bed sometime during 2014, and the help of readers such as Mark has made this set a lot easier to complete than I thought it would be.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Good luck with the 1973 set... I've been stuck on needing one card for quite a while - guess which one? I've been trying to find a well-loved copy in the $20-$30 range with no luck.

    Your Home Run Leader card doesn't look that bad, especially for $5. If you want to see an ugly example of that card, I wrote about mine a while ago:

  2. I'm sure I can find a few more off your list. I will be digging .