Thursday, July 18, 2013

Unexpected gold

I'm waiting on 4 auctions, tons of gold coming my way from various sources, and what do I receive in the mail today?

PWE Gold.  Courtesy of my source, my supplier, my dealer (wait, there's no white lines on my table...), Pat from Hot Corner Cards.  I swear he has a steady supply of what I want on hand, just waiting to pounce.

This time, it's a couple of Gold Jays to add to the collection.

Both from 2012 Topps, and both players are no longer part of the Jays organization.

One fits the serial insanity collection, the other does not.  I'll let it be a surprise for you to find out which one is part of the 1500....

Thanks again, Pat.! I've still got to get a Tigers envelope together for you....

Thanks for reading, Robert

1 comment:

  1. I did some desk cleaning and that PWE had been already sealed up, just waiting for a stamp, ENJOY!