Saturday, July 20, 2013

That damn number 7 gets me every time

Maybe one day, I will learn.  Today is the first day of year 3 here at $30 a week habit, and I can honestly say that I've learned a lot so far.  But there are things that I've learned that I just do not retain.

Case in point...

I was fortunate to receive a great envelope from the Night Owl yesterday, and as usual he did not disappoint.

There wasn't a giant stack of cards in there, but what he sent helped out on a few fronts.

First, the Jays were well represented:

I've always had mixed feelings about players appearing on checklists.  I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I guess my preference is the old checklists such as this.  The Davis Heritage card leaves me with 3 cards remaining to complete the Jays Heritage team set.  If you have card #'s 34, 222 or 446 please let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

George Bell was fun to watch as a Blue Jay.  George loved the game, and I believe you could probably say he was passionate about it.  It was tough for me to watch him as both a Cub and a White Sock (is that what you call just one player from the south side?), because after 9 great years in Toronto he decided he wasn't as big a star as he should have been, so he moved on.  Looking up his career stats gave me a bit of a shock when I found out that he left the game at the rather young age of 33. 

A pair of 2013 Archives cards also found their way here, which is good because I'd sworn off buying any packs of that product.  Buying Archives last year made me realize that the set just does nothing for me.

Heritage was also represented in the envelope, 7 more cards towards the set.  I'm down to needing 13 more to finish the base set of 425.

Yes, there's 7 
I'm sorry Bud Norris, but your card just creeps me out.  Dan Haren isn't doing much for me either...

Greg also sent me 7 cards from this years flagship series 1...

Notice how the number 7 is a theme here?  Wait, there's more.  This is where my denseness comes in.

As I'm happily whittling down my want lists, I notice that I'm left with one card remaining for Series 1.

Card # 7.

Gee, I wonder who that could be?  Then I think really quickly (something new for me...) and realize that I'm a jack ass.

There is no #7 in series 1 this year.  Topps decided not to release it. 

I'm sure Greg was laughing at me while looking at my want lists.  The same way he probably did while advising me that I don't know how to spell "masterpieces". 

Greg, thank you for the cards, as always much appreciated!!

Welcome to year 3 my friends, the insanity continues....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Congrats on completing series 1!

    (I did notice the #7 ... and then forgot about it. Kind of like the masterpieces thing).

  2. Ssssh...don't tell anyone, but I noticed I have #7 on my 2013 Topps Series 1 want list too.