Monday, July 22, 2013

Down into the teens

Getting closer now to completing the '75 Topps set.  I still need a couple of Hank Aaron cards, along with a pair of solid RCs in Jim Rice and Gary Carter.

I picked up 8 more cards that I needed at the card show, including 6 horizontal cards!

The Yankees team card is a bit beat up, but the MVP cards are all in decent condition.  I was happy to finally be able to grab the Mantle/Aaron '57 MVP card, thankfully it only set me back $4.

The two vertical cards were also pretty decent pickups as well...

The Winfield is in excellent shape, and also a bargain at $4 as well.

With only 17 cards left to go, I think it's high time to start digging and find the two big RC's, and then chop away at the rest.

My cheapness has come through in a big way before when putting together this set, I can only hope that it succeeds again.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. What's up with the Mantle/Aaron card? Hank is featured as a swinging lefty in that card and his numbers are backwards. Reverse negative? Weird.

  2. Great Winfield. I need to upgrade mine. It's way off-center (as many of them are).

  3. Normally I shy away from anything on the internet that says "teens", but for you I make the exception. Nice additions my friend.