Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cutting to the chase with R. A. Dickey

Pat from the Hot Corner Cards blog was kind enough to send me a couple of PWE's with some great cards in them, including this cut to the chase card of R.A. Dickey

I like it.   It's the 2nd die cut of a Blue Jay that I have from this years Topps releases (Brett Lawrie is the other). 

I'm not using this post to gloat.  I was not convinced that the acquisition of Dickey by the Jays was the best move.  The numbers so far this season are bearing that out...

Dickey leads the AL in earned runs allowed.  Including the 6 he gave up today, the total now stands at 65.

The home run he gave up today was his 19th (3rd most in the AL before today's game).   His previous season high was 24 in 2012.  He's now 8-9 on the season.   Not what the Jays were hoping for.

The splits between his career NL numbers and his career AL numbers are startling.  He won 39 games in 3 seasons in NY, he has won 30 games in 8 seasons in the AL (including 2013).  NL career ERA?  2.95.  AL career  ERA?  5.25.  NL career WHIP?  1.15.  AL career WHIP?  1.52

As much as I would have liked to have seen this trade work out for the Jays, honestly I don't think they did their homework on this deal, and tried to cash in on the momentum that was Dickey's incredible 2012 season.

The AL and NL are two different worlds.   Dickey's stats prove it.  The Jays only have 2.5 years left on his contract to endure....

Endure is a strong word I know, but unless something changes soon, it will be appropriate.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. The joy of the knuckle - when it works, the batters look pathetic. When it doesn't, you are throwing batting practice to 12 year olds.