Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Certain checklists....I like

I'm a few days behind in creating this trade post, but it's not because of the cards I received.   Not at all.

I recently sent a couple of handfuls of Bowman cards to help out P-town Tom over at the Waiting til next year blog, and he promised me some cards in return, the kicker being he would acquire them while he was out of town.

Not too long after, I received an envelope in the mail with a 50 count case full of cards.  What was interesting was the cards that were on the top and bottom of the case...

I was always a color inside the box kind of guy when marking my checklists...
Now a half dozen checklists, mostly from the junk wax era, doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence when it comes to opening a 50 count plastic card case.  However, much like a sandwich, the middle of the case certainly made my day.

There are only 5 cards that I can show you now, and you'll see why when I show you the other checklist in a minute.

The first 3 cards help out my 70 & 73 Topps want lists...

Paul Popovich I had never heard of before, turns out he had a 11 year career as a utility infielder with the Cubs, Dodgers and Pirates.  The other two cards are a couple of great black and white shots from the '69 World Series, featuring those Amazin' Mets!

Tom also sent a couple of Black Gold Blue Jays from the '94 Topps set:

I'd seen Black Gold cards from earlier seasons, but this design I like the best of them all.  It doesn't hurt that Olerud and Molitor are the 2 guys featured here, two of my favorite Jays...

Now the other 2 dozen cards, you're going to see post to post over time.  Check out this checklist...

A serial insanity checklist!  Hot damn!!

Packages like this are what have made the serial insanity project so rewarding for me.  Guys out there, taking the time to look out for cards such as this, and sending them my way.   Sometimes as part of a trade, sometimes out of sheer generosity.

It's packages like this that are making 1100 serial numbered cards by the end of the calendar year a possibility.

Tom, thank you very much for the time you took to send me these!  Very much appreciated...

thanks for reading, Robert

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