Sunday, July 28, 2013

A follow up to a Joe Shlabotnik post

One of the best posts I've read lately was written on the blog known as the Shlabotnik report.  I've not had the opportunity to trade or even converse with the writer of the blog, but his blog in my opinion is one of best blogs out there.   It is really well written, and he has some great custom cards as well (see here as an example). 

If you don't read that particular blog, take a minute and read the post I linked above.  "Joe" relates an unfortunate incident he had at a card show, referring to a young teenager crowding him out of discount boxes that he was perusing.  (When you're done, start following his blog as well, you will not regret it.)

I'm sure that there have been a lot of you out there that have had some kind of similar experience.   I am fortunate enough to say that I haven't had that happen to me, but in fact there have been a couple of instances where I've had the complete opposite happen.

One of those times was at the card show last weekend in Canton.  There was a dealer in the back corner who had a ton of discount boxes, with varying degrees of discounts.   Needless to say, his table was jammed.

I finally was able to pull up a chair after about 20 minutes of standing and going through boxes at one end of the table.  After another 15 minutes of perusing through a few of the boxes that were under the table, I heard a conversation going on behind me about basketball cards.   There were 3 guys, all I'd say in their early 20's referencing a couple of boxes of basketball cards that were in a box that I was sitting directly in front of. 

Once I finally clued in, I asked the guys if they would like the box passed to them.  They were very polite and said that would be great.  They even said "thank you, sir" when I did pass the box. (the gray in the goatee is very prominent now, I guess I better get used to being called "sir").  There were also several other guys at the table, and not one discourteous word was heard.  Guys were asking if people were looking for anything in particular, and a good time was being had by all.

I even managed to score a few cards as well.

I will not bore you with a ton of them, but I do have 4 that I want to show...

How about a couple of mid 80's cards of sniper Mike Bossy:

I would have loved to have seen what this guy's career goal totals would have been had his back not given out on him at the age of 30.  Mike finished with 573 goals, and with many players playing into their late 30's normally, who knows what kind of totals he could have finished with?  These 2 cards were an easy purchase.   I will own both of those sets one day because they are 2 of my favorite hockey sets from the 80's.  The Mario Lemieux (85-86 OPC design on the left), and Patrick Roy (86-87 OPC design on the right) RCs from these two sets will be the major hindrances to completing both sets. 

I haven't shown off a vintage Maple Leaf card lately, so how about a 71-72 Mike Pelyk?

1971-72 Topps # 92

The early 70's hockey sets are another long term goal for my collection.  They look really great, and are still somewhat affordable, even with the plethora of legendary HOF RCs that the sets contain. 

I was even lucky enough to score a '57 Topps card for a buck...

That's the 9th card I've picked up from the '57 set.  Another one that will be completed way down the road, but it's fun for now just to pick up a card here and there.

Remember your fellow collector/blogger the next time you're at a card show.  The guy that you're crowding out of a box of 10 cent cards may not be as kind to you with his post as JS was with that teenager...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. i like to think that we card collectors are special, in that we're all nice and helpful and friendly to each other, as we enjoy the same little niche of the world. of course i'm wrong, there are just crappy people everywhere, man, whether it be dishonest dealers or intrusive collectors. hopefully there are enough of us good guys to make up for it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!

    It's been interesting to see how this has struck a chord with collectors... I'm glad my incident was an isolated one, and I've gone to many shows myself without any unpleasant incidents. My incident was frustrating in part because of the boy's behavior, but more so because the father was blind to the boy's behavior.

    That's a nice pair of Bossy's you've got there. I know what you mean about collecting those sets... I'd like to work on the 1979/80 set, but there's the small matter of that Gretzky rookie.