Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Serial insanity set cards 830 through 832

Cory from the Rectangle Men blog is responsible for these 3 cards, which bring the total to 832 out of 1500.  55.47% complete.


Card 830:  Juan Morillo

Serial Number:  488
Team:  Colorado Rockies, card # 21 out of 50

After struggling over 4 seasons in the bigs, Morillo has landed this year in the Mexican League with Laguna.  He's only 29, so who knows, he may make it back to the bigs...

Card 831:  Billy Butler

Serial Number:  684
Team:  Kansas City Royals, card # 26 out of 50

How can you not like a guy with the nickname "Country Breakfast" (that reminds me, I haven't eaten yet...).
Seems to be struggling a bit in 2013, I'm sure over time he'll get it together and hammer out 20+ HRs and his typical near .300 average...

Card 832:  Ronnie Belliard

Serial Number:  901
Team:  Washington Nationals, card # 38 out of 50

Ronnie is the one Belliard that inherited the power stroke.  While Ronnie hit double digit homers in 7 different seasons, his cousin Rafael played in the bigs between 1982-1998, and hit a grand total of 2 HR's in 1155 career games. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hey, Robert I have about 10 more serial insanity cards that you need. Email me at if you are interested.

  2. If you're worried about how Butler is doing, go look at his numbers over the last 3 games with the Angels and worry no more!