Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sakic Sunday: free is good

Doug from Sportscards from the Dollar Store recently sent me a care package, filled with Blue Jays, and a group of Joe Sakic's, for free!

I did get a chuckle when I read Doug's note saying the cards were for free, but there's nothing free about 4 more additions to my Joe Sakic PC.

First, a couple from his Avalanche days...

I must admit it, I do miss Pacific and their hockey cards.  The card on the left is a great example.  Sakic with the puck, being chased by another Hall of Famer (or at least he will be in a couple of years) Mike Modano.  The intensity on Modano's face is great, and the Stanley Cup Semifinalists logo on the lower left of the card doesn't obscure the photo too much.  The Victory insert on the right, 03-04 Game Breakers, also features a cool looking front with the shattered glass image.

The other two cards Doug sent take me back to the mid 90's.

The Upper Deck McDonald's releases were very popular in Canada back in the 90s, I remember having a hard time finding any packs in S. Ontario just a couple weeks after their release.  The Leaf set was also very popular when it came out, and the 93-94 card on the right is one that I couldn't believe I didn't have in my collection. 

4 for 4 Doug, I needed them all.   Thank you for sending them my way!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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