Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mr. Cub

Today was the final card show of the season, unfortunately the local monthly card show doesn't start up again until September.  Makes sense, when I went to the mall today at around 1 pm, it seemed like a ghost town. 

That's probably why I didn't stay as long as I normally do, and I spent a lot less than usual by going over the weekly budget by only $20.

One fifth of my expenditures today went to only one card, another piece of the puzzle that is the '64 Topps set I'm putting together.

Hello Mr. Banks!

2nd straight show that I was able to pickup a listed star at a very affordable price.  Sadly, I'll be missing the big Pittsburgh show in a couple of weeks because I'll be away on vacation (2nd straight year I've missed that show....damn).

May have to hit the road this summer, try and find a card show within a reasonable drive.   Who knows, I may end up hitting a card show near you...

thanks for reading, Robert