Friday, May 17, 2013

1977 Topps: My top 20, 15 through 11

For your amusment, here's the 2nd group of 5 cards in my top 20 1977 Topps card countdown.


Card #15: #648 Jim Spencer 

The first "action" shot of the countdown, featuring what appears to be Bill North striding back to 1st base on a pickoff attempt.  So what you say?  I'll tell you why I have this card in the countdown.

The all black uniforms.  Fantastic.  What brings out the uniforms more for me is that the White Sox are the team that my Blue Jays faced on April 7, 1977, day 1.  They wore the all blacks that day, one that will stand out in my mind as long as I live.

See, told you a lot of memories created this countdown!!  There's still one more of the vintage all black uniforms to come in the countdown.

Card #14:  #120 Rod Carew

I found it highly ironic that one of the greatest hitters that I watched during my youth, is featured in this set in a fielding pose.  The '77 season for Carew at the plate would be his greatest.  .388 average, 239 hits, 16 triples and 100 RBI's would all be career highs for Mr. Carew, and '77 would be his only MVP season as well. 

Card #13:  #60 Jim Rice 

Don't let the gentle look fool you, this guy was a killer at the plate.  '77 was the first of 3 consecutive 200 hit seasons for Rice, which surprised me considering I always thought of this guy as a power hitter. 

Someone has to help me out though, I see that Rice is wearing his home uniform, but I'm sure that he's not standing in Fenway Park for this photo.

Oh, and it's high time that the Sox bring back the red caps.

Card #12:  #180 Dave Lopes: 

Another blast from the past for me here.   Remember when guys used to use two bats to warm up in the on deck circle?  I'm sure a lot of you don't.  Today's hitters have donuts and metal tubes for extra weight to loosen up. 

You didn't have that in the 70's.  Davey shows you how...

Card #11:  #355  Lou Brock 

What's the difference between #12 and #11 you ask?

Come on!!  Striped helmet, of course!  Someone bring back the powder blue road Cardinal uniforms please. 

#'s 10 through 6 tomorrow night...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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