Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I admit it, I got myself all hyped up for the 2013 Heritage set.  After buying 2 rack packs and 4 looseys on the weekend, I wound up feeling a little more hollow about collecting anything from this year, especially Heritage. 

First off, to give you all a chuckle, those who remember when I first opened some Heritage packs back in March may remember that I found duplicates in each of the first three.  Well, no duplicates in the same pack this time, but the red Target parallels I found in a couple of packs have a lot of familiarity to them....

I'm chuckling to myself while writing this post just looking at these two cards.

I am cursed right now it seems.  Oh well, how about I give you a wrap up of how my Blue Jays team set is coming so far from 2013 Heritage.

11 out of 18 so far, here are the 9 base cards I have so far:

I do have 2 of the 3 SPs, thanks to a couple of generous bloggers, first here is R.A. Dickey, courtesy of Pat from Hot Corner Cards

thanks for the PWE Pat!!
Next up is EE, Edwin Encarnacion, with much thanks to Greg at Night Owl Cards...

Thanks for saving this for me Greg!!

I have posted 2 want lists for 2013 Heritage, first up is the base set, which as you may notice only goes up to #425.  I've decided to not try and complete the insanity that is 75 SPs, and limit my set building to numbers 1-425.  Love the set, just not feeling the $$ chase for all the SPs. 

I've also posted a Blue Jay want list for this years Heritage.  Of the 7 cards I need, there is only one SP left, Jose Reyes.  If you have one that you can spare, let me know and I'll do my best to dig up something for you.

I'm going to be hunting for some want lists around the blogs, I have about 75-100 dupes that I'm sure I can find a good home for. 

I am also going to go for the flagship Topps set as well, but there's no hurry to finish that set this year.  Unlike the past 2 years, I've learned that there will always be cards out there for me to chase from the base set, and rushing to get a want list up isn't necessary. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Dude - you and I are gonna be talking about our want lists. Look no further (if you can help me out).

  2. Well, the PWE I got off to you yesterday may not mean quite as much upon seeing this post, but perhaps you can slot a few into team sections and player sections. I like the look of the McCutchen's in red!

  3. In two blasters of Gypsy Queen, I received the exact same inserts in each, except for Sliding Stars (which was a bit odd, I'll admit.)

    So, you're not alone. Also, if you need '13 Topps, I have a-many.