Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seeing Red

If my count is correct, there are a baker's dozen Blue Jay cards in 2013 Topps Series 1, not including the 2 out of bounds short prints.  Not too long after the flagship was released, I was able to document the first handful of Wal-Mart blue parallels of Jays that came my way (5 in total).  I also grossed a couple of people out by showing off the Emerald Green Colby Rasmus parallel in stunning size and clarity.   Sorry about that....

Now, I get to show off 6 Target red parallels that I've been fortunate enough to receive.  First, 3 of them from Pat over at Hot Corner Cards, who has quickly become a great supplier of blue bird cards for me.

Hechavarria was one of the over 100 players involved in the Jays-Marlins rape during the winter.  The other 2 cards are the regular base (not SPs) of Lawrie and Davis.   Anyone know if they are issuing the SPs in the bordered variations as well?

Next up, a trio of hurlers from the master of the 10 cent card....Dime Box Nick

Brandon Lyon is a member of the Mets staff now, and throwing fairly well for them in spring training so far.  Happ is a nice piece of insurance just in case one of the Jays starters is injured, or struggles like Romero did last year.  I do hope Ricky returns to his old form, because if he does there aren't many 5 man staffs that compare to Toronto's. 

Sorry for the quick post, I'm up at 4 am really does get in the way sometimes.

Pat/Nick, thank you both for the always they are very much appreciated.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You are very welcome, Robert, glad everything arrived safely!

  2. There are no colored variations of the SPs, thank God.