Saturday, March 2, 2013

Common card of the day: Bip Roberts

I'm sure you all are aware of the great blog Sports Card Info, which has a card of the day feature.  I really enjoy it, and the feature is one of the first emails I read in the morning.  I decided to try it myself, only with a different spin.  While Sports Card Info shows many great cards, including autos, jerseys, great RCs of Hall of Famers, etc., I've decided to show some of the cards that don't garner as much attention.

The commons. I consider myself just a common man, so I figured why not show off a bunch of common cards.  No rhyme, no reason.  Any year is in play.  The majority of my collection is baseball and hockey, so those will be the two sports that will dominate these posts. 

Who knows, you may see a football card slip in once in a while, if the time is right. 

I'll also throw in a quick comment about the card,  Nothing exciting, maybe a blurb or two that I feel is appropriate.

Ever been Bipped?

Please feel free to say anything that comes to mind in the comments.  It can be about the player, the photo, the team, the set...don't be shy.

I hope you have fun with these.  I'll continue to do as many as I can, as long as I have commons to scan and show off.

That should keep me going for quite a while.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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