Thursday, March 7, 2013

My 1st 3 packs of Heritage...I can hardly believe my eyes

 A little bit of language in this post....please be forewarned...

Heritage.  The one set I planned on collecting this year.  I've said it all along, Heritage was the one set I wanted to build of all the 2013 releases.

If I keep getting packs like the 3 I'm about to show you, I just may change my mind.  I stopped at Wal Mart this morning, and grabbed one blaster and three loose packs.  The loose packs were from the same box, back to back to back.  By the way, you're only going to see scans of 6 cards.   You'll see why in a moment.

Pack #1 was opened in the Wal Mart parking lot.  Yes, I am an overgrown kid who just couldn't wait to rip into a pack of baseball cards.

191 Anthony Rizzo (first Heritage card of the year for me)
373 Ted Lilly
96   Jeff Samardzija
216 Jason Kipnis
95   B.J. Upton
NF-FM Flashback Ford Mustang
253 Sergio Romo
115 Dan Uggla  X2

Really?  Then I sit back and think, I've seen others have duplicate cards come out of packs.  So I shrug it off, and drive to work.  I'm 15 minutes early, so I sit in the parking lot and open....

Pack #2:

253 Sergio Romo
280 Ryan Vogelsong
292 Trevor Cahill
30   Chad Billingsley
258 Michael Young
491 Wei-yin Chen (only 74 more SPs to go)
20   James McDonald
348 Miguel Gonzalez  X2

So now I notice this, and I look through the windshield of my truck and say "what the f---".  I still have time before I have to go inside, so let's rip...

Pack 3!

281  Yankee Rookies
318  Kendrys Morales
86    Ivan Nova
183  Fernando Rodney
374  Luis Cruz
TN-MG  then and now Marichal/Gonzalez
280  Ryan Vogelsong

399  Dale can bloody well guess how many of these I got in the pack....

Then sends me into another level of pissed off....I cannot believe what I'm seeing.

3 packs, in a row, all containing multiple cards.

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

I didn't even touch the blaster this evening.  Topps took the one set I was really looking forward to, and turned it into a bit of a joke so far, at least from where I sit.

The one thing I've learned over the past decade that I've been with my wife is that I need to sit back and have a little patience when things piss me off.  I really like this set.  I like the design, I even like the inserts so far.  

But seeing stuff like this?  How can you not help but be pissed....

OK, maybe it's just me, but it's 13 hours after I opened these packs, and I'm still dumbfounded.

Or maybe this was Topps plan, and I fell for it because I am dumb.

I'll sleep on the Heritage dilemma, and let you know....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Looks like you also picked up two Ryan Vogelsong's in your three packs. Pretty bad. Dale's face is appropriate. I think I'll be boycotting Heritage.

  2. Worst collation since last year's National Hockey Card Day in Canada...I opened 4 packs in a row with the exact same cards in each pack...

  3. Wow. I'm glad I'm done buying it. I haven't sorted my two blasters yet so I don't know how many dupes I pulled.

  4. Well that stinks. I haven't gotten any yet so the duplicates thing hasn't bugged me, but I have seen a few breaks of the stuff and the thing that bugs me is the multi-team Rookie Star Cards. They have the one team Rookie Stars like the original 64 had but for the Heritage twist they have some Rookie Star pairs out there that are two teams. What? They couldn't find two guys from the same team?

  5. I haven't opened any retail, but I can tell you hobby packs do not have that colation problem. I helped a buddy open a box last night, as well as a few packs for me, and the distribution was fine.

    I think you got Walmarted.

    oh, and if you can't stand to look at that extra Uggla.... hint hint...

  6. Hey, don't sweat - maybe i'll get tons of doubles too when I buy some this weekend, and we can trade! We haven't traded in a while.

  7. Let Topps know. Maybe they'll throw something your way.

  8. All I can think about is saying Moley moley mole mole, or is that just a trick of the camera, but it looks like Sveum's got moles all over his face. Oh and I've opened a blaster, 2 retail packs and 3 hobby packs and haven't had that happen. Might just be the box you pulled from.

  9. Are the doubles black backed Venezuelas?