Thursday, March 15, 2012

A weeks worth of posts in one box: Part 6

Today, the outfielders are featured, along with an outfielder who I'm slotting into the DH spot.  A lot of great talent has played in the outfield for the Jays since the mid 80's, and the next four guys are no exception to this.

Jose Bautista

2011 Lineage Stand ups

Yes, I know in the pitchers section I didn't include players who had short stays with the Jays, but I really had to add "Joey Bats" to this group, largely because of the last 2 seasons.  Jose had led the majors in HRs each of the last 2 seasons, and his numbers in '11 were the best of his career by far.  43 HRs, 132 BBs, a 1.056 OPS and .608 all led the AL.  Jose also had 13 outfield assists and was part of a little controversy last year over whether he should stay in RF, or be moved to 3B where the Jays had lacked any kind of real production.  Brett Lawrie's emergence towards the end of the season hopefully will put an end to that debate for good this year.

Shawn Green 

1997 Circa # 301

If I were picking players solely on loud card designs, Green would win the competition hands down!!  Shawn had a good run in Toronto at the beginning of his career, playing 5 full seasons and part of 2 others between 1993-1999.  Shawn's final year in TO was his finest, hitting .309 with 42 HR, 123 RBI, 45 2B and winning both the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.  Shawn would sign in free agency with the Dodgers and play 5 solid years with them before finishing his career with Arizona and the Mets.

Devon White 

1994 Collectors Choice # 292
I LOVED watching this guy patrol center field in the Skydome for his 5 years in Toronto.  Devo's defense was stellar, and the 5 gold gloves he won in his 5 seasons there prove it.  Devon also stole 30 or more bases 3 times, and during the 3 ALCS he played in, his average was a robust .346 from the leadoff spot.  White was as big a part of the 2 World Series titles for the Jays in 91 & 92 as any other member of those teams.
Devon was also fortunate enough to win a 3rd world series title with the Marlins in 1997 when they beat the Indians. 

Vernon Wells 

2010 Topps Town TTT55

Good old VW.  They ran him out of Toronto like a dog.  Not his fault that the Jays threw a 7 yr $126 million deal at him, you'd sign it wouldn't you??  Vernon played center field as well, and in my opinion his defense was 2nd only to White's.  3 Gold Gloves are a testament to that.  After playing sparingly in his first 3 seasons in Toronto, he took over the CF job in 2002.  2003 however, was his coming out party.  A club record 215 hits, 49 2B, 33 HR and 117 RBIs, while hitting .317 was an amazing season.  Vernon gathered enough votes to finish 8th in MVP voting that year.  You also don't hear about too many error less seasons in the OF, but VW accomplished that feat in 2005, playing in 155 games and not making an error.

Joe Carter, DH 

1993 OPC Premier 13

Joe Carter was clutch.  Plain and simple, this guy could drive in runs like nobody else during his time in Toronto.  His 7 years in Toronto included 6 seasons of 100+ RBI, all 7 seasons he hit at least 25 HRs, 5 all star appearances, 3 times top 10 in MVP voting and 2 silver slugger awards.  Oh, and he hit the most famous HR in Jays history, a walk off HR off of Mitch Williams to win the '93 World Series.  You also may or may not remember, but he recorded the final put out of the '92 World Series also.  Why the DH spot for Joe?  While not a bad outfielder, he was more noted for his offensive prowess during his career, and the other 4 players I've listed above I consider much better defenders. 

Tomorrow, we wrap up with some set help, and a little insanity.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. you aint kidding, shawn green was definitely solid in LA.

    i always remember watching joe carter hit that awesome WS homer cuz that night i was at some high falutin' BS hotel ball room dinner, but i kept sneaking out and watching the game in the hotel bar. i wasnt the only guy sneaking out either.