Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh O-Pee-Chee, I have not forgotten about you

Good Thursday evening to you all, we're getting closer and closer to the weekend.

Anybody who has read my blog regularly over the past few months knows the kind of extreme way I went about putting together the '09 OPC Baseball set.  One of my sportlots purchases last week was aimed at getting closer to finishing that set.

I managed to grab 26 cards off of my want list, with a great deal of them being posed shots.

Kerry Wood in the center lookin' all nasty with the goatee.

I kind of spoiled a good looking shot of Josh Hamilton in the next scan because I scanned him sideways.

Manny looks like he's stopping, but there's no base in sight!

Best of luck to you Captain Varitek on your future endeavors.
This purchase left me with only 21 cards to go to complete the set:


This has definitely been a fun set to build, and I could have continued to buy more and more packs to try and complete it without trading/buying.  I'm kind of glad I stopped at 185 packs though. 

Anyone out there maybe have the last few I need to finish this bad boy off?  Let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email to rmitchell6700 at yahoo .....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Until you sent me some Cardinals from that set, I didn't even know it existed. It's not fancy, just a classic-looking card.