Sunday, March 18, 2012

How one Blue Jay turned into 13

I sent an envelope out a couple of weeks back in response to a Night Owl post about cards he was in need of to complete his '84 Donruss set.  One of those cards on the list was actually a card that I had in my collection for almost 20 years...

Card # 41 in that set was the Joe Carter RC.  I bought it around 1992 when the fever in Toronto was high, and this card was just starting to climb in price (I want to say I paid $20 for it back then).  Even though the card shows Joe in his Cubs uniform, (see here for a great 'vintage' post by Wrigley Wax of '80s Cubs uniforms) Joe always will be a Blue Jay first and foremost for me. 

As I've learned over the last few months, cards do belong in their rightful homes.  When I saw Greg's post stating that he was shy a few cards for the '84 set and that this was one of them, I did what I felt was the right thing and sent Greg an email asking if this copy was suitable enough for his set (you can see that it is off center).  Within about a week, Greg had the card, and in the mail last weekend, I received a package from him out of the Blue (Jay), with several cards that are most welcome here.

More great stuff.  The Alomar mini was mentioned on Greg's blog a few weeks back, it was actually a double for his set of Lineage mini's and was likely headed my way.  Lots of J.P. Arencibia here, the Gold Futures card from this years Topps set was most welcome.  The Gold Joey Bats card at the top was very cool to receive as well, and will fit in nicely with my Jays collection.

More Jays goodness abounds!  Paul Molitor KC mini, the Bautista Lineage is of the Venezuelan variety, two more Documentary cards to add the list (whoever decided to try and collect that set, all I have to say is God Bless You!), and a couple of Score cards from '91 that had eluded me previously.  Both of those cards are Rising Stars (or so they are labelled), although Myers would hardly have a truly solid season until 2003, and Willie Blair's 5.04 career ERA is ...a little bloated.

For me, that's how one Jay turned into 13. 

Great stuff all around....thank you very much Greg!! 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You're quite welcome. So glad that so many will fit in your collection.