Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 4: Trade received from Cardboard Collections

Good afternoon all, week 4 has begun for me in the $30 a week blog. So far now, I'm $9.61 ahead to start the week.  I will say that the last three weeks have been very good for both my blog, and my collection.  To wit, I am giving a very big THANK YOU to Colbey over at Cardboard Collections for our trade that I received today in the mail.  Colbey put a big dent into both my '10 Topps and '11 A&G want lists, as well as sending me 5 more diamond collection cards from '11 Topps, pictured below.

This brings the grand total of diamond parallels that I have to 65, or approximately 10% of the set. If you have any of these for trade, send me an email at rmitchell6700ATyahoodotcom.  I'll also be adding more sets to my want lists that I'm going to try and finish, as well as update my trade lists as well (I'm still far behind where I should be)..

Thanks for reading....Robert

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  1. Ah man, the two diamond parallels I sent you are ones in the above picture. Hope you don't mind doubles?