Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plaschke, old English for "great trade"

Yes folks, another trade post...kinda becoming a habit of mine.  I have to do it though, emails aren't enough of a thank you sometimes, and for Greg over at the Plaschke, thy sweather is Argyle blog, this is a little more of a thank you.  But first, I gotta say it...great blog name, plain and simple, maybe one of the most creative I've seen.  OK, enough of my blather...on to the cards!!  First, another diamond parallel to add to the collection (closing in on 100 now)

Jay Bruce of the Reds, #191 in the set.

Next, some more Blue Jays to add to my collection, only have a couple pictured here.

HOFer and the Crime Dog
Before Monday, I had never owned a Sportflix card in my life, now I have 2, this one being Fred McGriff...plus one of the main catalysts of the Jays World Series champion teams of 92 & 93, Robbie Alomar.  (kind of ironic that I scanned two players that were traded for one another)

Next, Greg also collects hockey, so naturally we hooked up here and he sent me some Maple Leafs cards to add to my collection.  Two of their marquee players are pictured here, Darryl Sittler and Wendel Clark.  Two great captains, and two class acts that have represented the organization well over the years.  These cards will fit in well with my LTP Maple Leafs collection, which I will begin to post about when hockey season rolls around in October.

2 of the greatest in my lifetime

Finally, I also received my first Leafs relic card....a very nice blue swatch of an up and coming player, Luca Caputi.  I was more than happy to send a Getzlaf relic Greg's way.  I also was able to put a dent in his A&G needs for the base set, along with the Hometown Heroes insert set. 

Into the vault, never to see the light of day again

Thanks again Greg, we'll have to do it again in the future....

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great Tuesday,  Robert


  1. Glad we could work out a great deal! The cards you sent just showed up, so I'll pop 'em open and have a post up this weekend.

  2. By the way, I like that favorite quote you have up.