Thursday, August 11, 2011

Education time for etiquette

Hello all, have a question for all my fellow traders out there.  When do you consider a trade "dead"?  How long do you wait for someone to respond to you before you assume that the trade that you have offered, or is in progress, is no more?  The reason I ask is because I'm not too sure what is acceptable etiquette in these cases, and I surely don't want to piss a potential/current trading partner off by assuming that he/she is not going to contact me about a trade anymore (and thus offering the cards in that trade to someone else). 

2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks?  Help a brother out here folks, tell me what you believe is the proper length of time to wait before considering a trade dead.  Hope to hear from you all soon...thanks,


  1. I would say as soon as you start to get the feeling that the trade is dying, send out a "just checking in" email and see if it is so. Or you can use the ol' "I'm headed to the post office tomorrow, do you wanna finalize this trade so I can get your cards out?" email.

  2. Depends on how much you want what the other person has to offer. I've been waiting to hear back from one person for like 5 months. I'll keep trying here and there.

  3. Eric, I actually used your line once today, and got a timely response..thanks very much, the help is always appreciated.

  4. Greg, I don't know how you do it. 5 months waiting for someone to respond would just kill me (lol). I don't have that kind of patience, but now that I've heard this, it'll stick in my head the next time I'm waiting for a response.

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated