Thursday, January 26, 2023

Pink footballs

I'm sure you've looked at a set that you've started collecting and identified a certain aspect of it that you like.  Since I've recently started collecting the 1970's Topps football sets, I have found a lot to like.  One of the more interesting sets for me is the '77 set.

This was part of a Browns lot that I purchased from show in Port St. Lucie last month.  It only cost a dollar which I thought was a good deal, even without looking at the want list.  These three cards out of the 7 I bought were doubles.  Not a bad score.

But the most interesting thing for me regarding this set is the backs of the cards.  Pink footballs.

OK, so maybe not pink.  Magenta, or fuchsia, or one of the other fancy names for what this color is.  For some reason, this color and card back stands out more than the other 70's set for me.  Easy to read stats and biographies make this a set that I'll enjoy for years to come.  I'm a little over 45% done with it, and I hope that it will be an easy set to complete.   It's probably the only set right now that I'll be able to identify by the backs more easily than the fronts.



  1. Yeah, that was a good color for backs.

  2. My all-time favorite football set. But it's totally about the fronts.

  3. If I were going to collect a football set from the '70s, it would probably be this one or '79.

  4. Somehow I don't really mind the lack of logos in these sets when compared to the Panini sets.

  5. The '77 set is a cool set which seems to be getting more attention from collectors.