Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trying to clean the desk off a bit

Over the past couple of months, I've done well with accumulating cards.  I've done poorly with putting them away where they belong, whether it be binders, boxes or anything else that might hold them in place for a time.

As the desk slowly becomes less cluttered, I found a trio of cards worth showing in a post.

1979 Topps Walter Payton record breaker card.  I honestly believe that Payton's cards are quite undervalued.  I found this in a $5 box at a show in December and I couldn't put it in my pile fast enough.  I'm already halfway through the '79 set and have had a lot of fun looking at a lot of the cards so far.

One of the first sets I remember purchasing packs of at the corner store, 1975-76 OPC is not the flashiest of sets.  I do look forward to starting to get a few more cards from this set down the road.  Seeing Billy Smith actually with a posed picture instead of "Battling Billy" in front of his net chopping down an opponent with his stick, or a well-placed blocker shot, is pretty cool.

This '69 Topps Curt Flood came via trade; this is the 8th of the All-Star cards from the set that I own.  I'm approaching the 500-card plateau for the set; I just need 4 more cards to get there.  

The desk actually is starting to look decent, I've left around 6 or 7 piles of cards I need to put away.  With the Mrs. away this week I've got a good chance of finishing this little project.



  1. "done well with accumulating cards...done poorly with putting them away". Nope, no idea what that's like... Nice OPC card, really need to get started on that set myself.

  2. Nothing like clearing some stacks of cards off your desk. I've been slowly tackling stacks on my desk as well.

  3. All three from key sets of my childhood (except the hockey was Topps not OPC). ... I have no issue with filing cards, I enjoy it too much.

  4. Like other collectors, I can relate to having a bunch of cards on the desk--just not enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done. Maybe one day...

  5. Payton's rookie has jumped up considerably in recent years, but other than that, I don't really know about the rest of his prices. If they are low, it's probably just because a lot of the Boom crowd isn't old enough to have ever seen him play.