Friday, December 11, 2020

Santa Andy

I saw a post on the TCDB forums a few weeks back letting people know that they were going to run a Secret Santa on the site this year.  I figured I'd give it a try, you never know what can happen right?

I believe the original post mentioned something along the lines of a $10-$15 range for gifts, which I thought was perfect.  During my posting hiatus my Secret Santa package arrived from Andy (TCDB ID: BigDog13) and was I surprised!

I have enjoyed finding these Chasing 3K inserts featuring Ichiro since I stared collecting him, and these 8 get me nearly to the finish line of the insert set.  I believe I'm down to about a handful to go (I didn't bother checking), I'll be sure to show them off when I obtain them all.

Eleven cards from the '86 Topps football set found their way here, including most of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team set, resplendent in their old school creamsicle colored uniforms.  

Andy hit quite a few of my player collections, including 4 cards featuring John Olerud during his Mets days.   I'm guessing that Andy may be a Mets fan, or collect the Mets because there's a couple of cards for sets in the next scan as well...

Not only did Andy drop in a 2010-11 OPC card (which I received a few of lately), along came an '06 David Wright A&G card and a '68 Tug McGraw!  

As I mentioned to Andy in my thank you message, he ticked every box off you could hit for me.

Vintage  Check

A&G  Check

Player Collections  Check

Set building  Check

Quality and quantity.  Santa has been good to me this year.  Thank you Andy!

Enjoy the hobby, 


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  1. I got my Secret Santa gift on December 1st, but I won't open it up until Christmas Eve.