Sunday, December 13, 2020

From Scratch

 I've taken a liking to starting sets from scratch.  No packs, just finding something out there that strikes my fancy and I end up getting started on the set.   I've got a couple in particular that I've been getting quite a few cards lately into the house, so I thought I'd show them off.

I found the first of these on a blogger's "free card Friday" giveaway and I was hooked.  I thought the set may have been 1988 instead of 1986, but that didn't sway me.  I learned afterwards that there are a couple of big RC's in the set (Rice and Young) but that didn't bother me like it does for older sets.  

I've also been fortunate to have a couple of fellow bloggers send me a bunch that were just taking up space in their boxes, so I'm already up to 135 cards or just over a third of the set.  I love the design, the team cards really stand out with the yellow borders which kind of surprises me because the green "field" design with the yard markers is really what attracted me to the set.  

Showing off these cards as they come in will be something that I'll enjoy doing.  

I started blogging in the summer of 2011, at that time I was busy catching up with everyone else and collecting baseball for the most part.

Probably missed out on 2-3 years worth of hockey products, including the set you see above, 2010-11 OPC.  I couldn't even tell you if I saw any packs in the stores at that time.  Until maybe last year, I didn't have a card from this set and now I'm playing catch up.

I really do like this set design, the big thing for me is the backs which are grey and have decent sized card numbers which are easy for me to read.  The majority of these I've received in the past few trades I've completed, largely because I finally put up my want list for this set on TCDB.

I'm just 65 cards in out of the 600 card base set, but this is another set that I'm really going to enjoy because it will largely be from scratch, much like the '86 Topps Football.

I might start more sets this way going forward....

Enjoy the hobby!!



  1. I've never been able to figure out the '86 Topps football design. I know it is ingrained in a lot of people's childhoods, but to me it looks like something from '80s Donruss, which I suppose is OK, it just seems rather simplistic.

  2. I know little about football designs, but I know I've seen this one a lot. Must be one of the more popular ones.

  3. Bloggers are always good for helping out with sets.

  4. My father in law and I had been collecting OPC sets from 2006-07 to 2009-10 but we stopped before this set, and I'm not sure why. I know I was staying home with my one year-old daughter and didn't have money for hockey cards.. but I'm not sure why he didn't buy a box.

    Keep chipping away at that '86 set! I must have missed your previous post but I'm glad the card(s) arrived safely.

  5. The Hockey cards are beautiful and so are the '86 Topps Football. I remember when that set came out and being so excited to complete it as quickly as i could...took forever for 11 year old me to finish it off.