Thursday, February 7, 2019

A plan for the weekend

Again, I took a brief break from blogging (12 days to be exact), but similar to the last couple of times I took a couple of weeks off, I've been busy in the card world.

I completed a trade with a fellow from Norway, netting me a few hockey cards for my 84-85 set build, which is coming along nicely.

I received a mega box from everybody's favorite retired breaker, Wes.  Totally unexpected what I found inside.  That post is to come in the next few days.

But let's go over my plan for this weekend's card show.   My plan was derived from one of the 2 Sportlots envelopes I received today.

Let's start with some '76 Topps...

Sometimes I wonder what my train of thinking is when I'm making purchases on Sportlots.  Upon reflection, I purchased a bunch of cards from one set, and realized I wanted more to fill out the envelope.   I decided on a bunch of '76s which at 18 cents apiece doesn't come along very often.

Need just over 100 more cards to finish off the '76 set!

A lot of names I've heard of or watched in my youth, but nobody you would call a major star. 

My favorite of the 17 cards has to be the HR leaders card featuring Jackson, Scott and Mayberry.  I thought that the 36 HRs was a bit low for a league leader, so I looked at the back of the card and the '73 and '74 seasons saw the AL leader in HR's only hit 32 (Jackson in 73, Dick Allen in 74).  I guess the appearance of the DH didn't do a lot in terms of increasing home runs right away in the AL....

The bulk of the envelope was a majority of the remaining 47 cards I needed to finish the '84 Topps set.   I managed to get all but 10 of them in one shot...

Same as the '76 portion of the envelope, no really big star names here, but a lot of names that I recognized (save for Scott Ullger). 

I like the active career leaders cards, some big names on those.  What stuck out the most is the Pete Rose career .306 average after 20 years in the big leagues. 

Now on to the plan for this weekend.   I need one big RC from each of the sets above.   Dennis Eckersley's card from the '76 set I'm hoping to find for around $20, and the Don Mattingly RC from '84 I'm hoping to nab in the $10-$15 range.  If I can get those two cards for under $40, I'll have some extra to spend on some other stuff, maybe knock off a few more '76s! 

Get the Mattingly RC this weekend and I should be able to grab the other 9 cards that I need sometime soon to finish off the '84 set. 

I'll let you know how it goes...

Thanks for reading!


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