Monday, March 6, 2017

That's not why I did this

I'm currently about 4 months shy of writing this blog for 6 years, and the single most amazing thing I've noticed (and tried to emulate) about the guys and gals in the blogosphere is the incredible amount of generosity that is out there.

I've had people email me out of the blue...."Hey Robert, I've got some cards for you, send me your address and I'll get them in the mail".   Days later, cards are in my mailbox.  Free.  Gratis.  Gratuit.  Vapaa.  You name it in any language, free has made it's way to my door many dozens of times.

This little project was my way of giving back a bit to the blogging community.  And also torturing some of you by making you write 100 word posts.

What's even more amazing is that people have written me back saying "I've got stuff for you", or "is there anything you'd like me to send".

That's not why I did this.  If I don't get one envelope back, I will not be the least bit upset.  I'm so far behind the rest of the world, this was my way of starting to get caught up.   I also learned a lot about what others are collecting.  There are some very interesting set builders out there to say the least. 

Maybe instead of sending me some cards, you can have a little bit of fun and tell me why Mike Beard doesn't have one.

Have some fun and tell me why Mike doesn't have a beard
Two things to wrap up this post:

  1. 100 words contestants, reminder that you have until the 19th of March to post.  Otherwise I will hunt you down and ....well....I guess I can't do anything to you, can I?   I will be running that contest draw on the 20th.
  2. Amazingly, after all this time, I'm only 4 followers away from 200!  If I get there by the end of March, I'll give away something for that milestone as well.  I promise you will not have to write anything, except maybe a comment on a post.   Tell your friends.
thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I don't know why Mike Beard does not have a beard... I also dont know why Matt Batts was never pictured swinging a bat. Prove it, Topps. I see no evidence that Matt Batts

    If you do another conest I'm jumping on it. Really bummed I missed out on the 100 words, not so much for the cards but because I used to do writing prompts like that all the time. Perhaps I'll just pick 5 random cards from my next COMC order and write a blog post about them in 100 words. I'll hat-tip you of course.

  2. He took a cue from Frank Beard of ZZ Top.

  3. Mike's already too intimidating looking. The beard would be overkill. And why did Dave Jolly never smile?

  4. Mike Beard's wife probably made him shave his beard.

  5. "If I had a beard, there's no way you'd be able to see my manly chaw jaw."

  6. Hey there, Robert, I'm not sure if we had to link to our 100-words posts, and I couldn't find the original contest here's a link to my entry:

    Thanks for the cool contest!

  7. Mike Beard has no beard. His girlfriend will not kiss him if he has a beard. Her last boyfriend was a lumberjack with a bushy beard. He also smelled of maple syrup. She found him emotionally unavailable and indifferent to her concerns. They broke up. She vowed the next guy would be different. She met Mike Beard. She told him all about the last guy and how he needed to be different for this to work. Mike agreed. This is why Mike Beard does not have a beard. (It's also why he doesn't eat pancakes anymore, either.)

  8. Mine's in too, but I didn't figure out the connection with the five cards until I saw others posting, so it's not real creative or anything.

    Did Don Mossi like the Rolling Stones? Did Billy Pierce wear an earring? Did Billy Gardner raise plants? Did Vern Law get arrested? Did Early Wynn lose a game in the late innings? Who knows for sure?