Saturday, June 6, 2015

2014 Topps Series 2 is done--here is my top 10

Two in a row!  Believe me, I was very thankful to get this set off the want list the other day.  Going through the cards last night made me realize that there were quite a few solid photos in this set, and picking out 15 cards was a bit difficult.   In the end, the horizontal photos won a place 7 times in this top 10, including spots 1 through 6.   Sometimes to get a great photo on the card, vertical just doesn't do it.

Here's the next installment of the set completion files, 2014 Topps Series 2.  Enjoy!

#10:  Card 343 Nate Freiman

The timing on the chest bump with Jed Lowrie was just a bit off, but at least I can give them an A for effort.  If Bob Walk had his way, we wouldn't have seen a card for Nate in 2014.

Anyone else notice that Nate's last name breaks the I before E rule?

#9:  Card 509 Brandon Phillips

Remember Carlos Gomez last night?   Same thing for me with Brandon Phillips on this card.  I've watched him quite a bit over the past few seasons on Pirates telecasts, and the guy is a competitor.  Smiling all the time as well. 

#8:  Card 594 Justin Maxwell

I had to hit the Trading Card Database just to make sure that this wasn't one of those short print pie in the face cards.  Sure enough it wasn't, so I included it.   The powder blue uniforms help the cause also.

#7:  Card 538 Jon Jay

The timing on this jump with Matt Holliday was a lot better than the Nate Freiman card at #10, so it gets a better position on the countdown.  It just fit nicely at the 7 spot because of Holliday's jersey number. 

#6:  Card 637 Freddy Galvis

Let the run of horizontal cards begin.  If Freddy can keep his spot at short stop, this might be the last time we see him listed as a second baseman on a card.  This is a great shot of a home plate celebration, and some of the reactions on the other players faces are priceless. 

#5:  Card 598 Marco Estrada

Any time that a card features a player signing for kids, it'll find a way into one of my year end countdowns.  I'm awaiting Estrada's first flagship card featuring him as a Blue Jay, which I hope will appear in series 2.

#4:  Card 436 Eric Young Jr.

There is quite a lot going on in this picture.  What made it really stand out for me is that you don't often see two players from the same team running the bases on one card, which makes this shot even greater for me.  Add to that the Brewers player getting ready to pick up the baseball, while keeping Eric as the focal point of the card makes this card outstanding in my eyes.  I don't think we'll see shots like this very often.

#3:  Card 339 Cody Ross

There were a couple of other play at the plate cards in my top 15 ( 360 Russell Martin, 399 Hector Sanchez), however this card, much like Eric Young at #4, has a lot going on.   You have Cody Ross coming in for the drop kick.  You have the catcher about to apply the tag without the ball in his glove, and you have the third base coach (Matt Williams I believe) watching on in the background.  Another fantastic shot.

#2:  Card 357 Lorenzo Cain

Honestly, I think that this photo might have been better served if it was positioned vertically on the card.  Having said that, this card is one of the many I've shown on the blog featuring outfield larceny.  Great catch, even though the coach in the bullpen doesn't seem to be too concerned/impressed.

#1:  Card 587 Dee Gordon

Absolutely, positively fantastic!!  The art of bunting featured prominently on a card doesn't happen often, and the concentration on Dee's face is evident.  Add in the pink eye blacks along with the baseball absolutely frozen in the frame, and this is easily the best card of the 2014 set in my opinion.

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.   Any other cards that I should have included?  Something in my top 10 that shouldn't be there in your opinion?  Let me know....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I think the Estrada might've been my favorite from Series 2 because you just don't see shots like that on cards too often anymore. Can't argue with any of these picks, though. I kind of forgot about the Freiman, but I like it a lot more now that I'm seeing it again here.

  2. Solid list! My vote goes to the Galvis -- love that card, and made sure to include it in my horizontal frankenset. Also, Topps should keep the pie-face and Gatorade bath cards as SPs. Just my opinion.