Monday, March 12, 2018

Inbound and Down #37: A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts

Gotta love an unexpected PWE.  Jon from the A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts very thoughtfully sent me a half dozen cards that fit nicely into a couple of collections I have.

3 Blue Jays cards, all I'm pretty sure I don't own.  Red bordered A.J. Burnett  from 2006 Topps Turkey Red is something I'm sure I haven't seen come across the desk. 

Had no idea that Gold medallion cards from Ultra came die cut.  2004 Alex Rios is another welcome addition.

I had never heard of Brian Sellier before; he spent 2001 playing in the Oakland system after spending his only season as a Blue Jay prospect playing in the NY Penn League for the Queens Kings.

The Ichiro collection is starting to build nicely.  Everyone knows I'm a sucker for serial numbered cards, and the 2 Moments & Milestones double my total to 4.  Needed them both.

I'd seen cards like the '17 Topps series 2 Silver Pack card on the left on the blogs, but didn't think I'd ever have one in hand.  Well, now I do.

I sent Jon a quick tweet to let him know that the cards arrived, which he appreciated.  Jon mentioned that he felt bad that he didn't have more to send me.

6 cards for 2 collections, all of them needed in a surprise PWE?  Doesn't get much better than that from my perspective...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I hadn't ever heard of Brian Sellier before either, his career may have been short, but at least he got himself a pretty cool baseball card.