Saturday, June 10, 2017

1438: Only three

It's funny.  I've been to a lot of card shows over the past several years, and it's always been a solitary thing.  I've wondered what it would be like to go with another collector, to chat about cards and congratulate each other over great finds.

Well, I've had that opportunity over the past couple of months.  My wife's "nephew" has the collecting bug again, and I've gone the past two months to the show with him.  While his purchases have gone up, mine have gone down.  It just hasn't been quite the experience that I thought it would be.

We've joked and laughed, a good thing.  He walked in with a list today, and walked about with a box of football singles full of cards for a few sets he wants to complete.   That monster box cost him a grand total of $5. 

Me?  I bought 3 cards, and they cost me $15.  I'm definitely happy with them, but I'm not sitting down and hunting through boxes the way I used to. 

Oh well, let's look at what I got and go from there, shall we?

Let's start with the "newest" card...

For $2 I snagged the Lou Whitaker and Garth Iorg RC from '78 Topps.  I want to build this set someday, so this knocks off one card.   I also wasn't sure if I had the Iorg card for my Jays collection (I did).

For $3 I grabbed this Joe Morgan '68 Topps all star card.  I was pretty sure I needed it without looking at my want list, and I figured $3 was a decent enough price (it was).

Finally, I grabbed this card...

At $10, for me this was a no brainer.  It has the standard '62 condition flaws that I'm used to.  Rounded corners.  Border off center.  But this one also has a crease through the middle of the card on the front.  To me, it didn't matter.  I'm just happy to get another high price card out of the way for pennies on the dollar.  And to me, it doesn't look all that bad.

$1453-$15=$1438 left on the budget.   On pace to spend $1274 for the year, so I'm still way ahead of the game. 

If I keep on spending just $15 at card shows the rest of the year, I'll be in great shape.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I can't help but wonder if Whitaker would be in the Hall of Fame if the writers had access to advanced metrics that are available today. A very underrated player!