Saturday, April 22, 2017

Serial Saturday #14: Cataract? More like a Yugo to me...

I'm back after taking a couple of days totally away from cards and the blogosphere.  I mentioned this on twitter earlier today, I had cataract surgery yesterday on my right eye, which had degenerated into a blurry mess.

It's amazing what a laser and less than 30 minutes of surgery can do for your vision in the modern world.  My right eye has already improved to 20/50 vision after just one day, and hopefully within a week I'll be close to the 20/25 vision I have in my left eye.

Maybe now that I can see the cards better I'll be able to catch things in the background or on the design that I missed in the past.

Ha ha, we'll see!  Anyhow, page 40 from the SNI is here for your viewing pleasure.

Card 352:  Carlos Santana, 2011 Topps Opening Day blue parallel #352/2011.  Cleveland card #15
Card 353:  Jay Bruce, 201 Topps gold #353/2014.  Cincinnati card #12
Card 354:  James Loney, 2010 Topps National Chicle #354/999.  LA Dodgers card #12

Card 355:  Carlos Santana, 2011 Bowman Green #355/450.  Cleveland card #16
Card 356:  Adrian Beltre, 2011 Topps Finest #356/549.  Texas card #12
Card 357:  Montreal Expos team card, 2002 Topps gold #357/2002.  Washington card #15

Card 358:  David Huff, 2009 Topps Heritage chrome #358/1960.  Cleveland card #17
Card 359:  Jake Pintar, 2013 Bowman blue parallel #359/500.  Baltimore card #12
Card 360:  Austin Jackson, 2011 Topps Chrome heritage #360/562.  Detroit card #4

Hard to believe that Detroit still has only 4 cards so far.   I would imagine that there will be more pages in the future with multiple Tigers cards on them

Carlos Santana appears twice on the same page, don't think you'll see that very often going forward.  3 Cleveland cards all down the same side is also another anomaly that probably will not happen a lot as well. 

Favorite card?  Why the Expos team card of course.  I wonder if there will really be support for a MLB team in Montreal if one ever decides to relocate.  The James Loney National Chicle card is a close second on the page...

With a couple of days off to recuperate coming up I'm hoping to get a few more pages written up. Hopefully that is something that will actually happen....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad to hear your surgery was a success! Cool project. Great way to utilize those random serial numbered cards.

  2. Hey, it's the guy currently playing first base for my Mets because Lucas Duda is hurt...followed by the guy who played first base for my Mets last year because Lucas Duda was hurt! And they're surrounded by Carlos Santanas! If Santana ends up filling in for an injured Lucas Duda at some point, you heard it hear first! B^}

    Best of luck on the recuperation....