Sunday, April 23, 2017

30-Day Baseball card challenge Day 1: Yes, I'm behind

I've been meaning to try and get my version of the 30 day baseball card challenge started for weeks now, but I've always found something else to post, or do, that kept me from it.  I remembered Tony's challenge again this evening, and scrambling to get a post out there, I decided to finally get this started.

Day 1 was an easy one for me, "A card from the current year with a photo you like."  It's the card that got me hooked on '17 Heritage.

This Addison Russell World Series card, #156 in the set, makes me think of what TV sets would have looked like in the 60's.  I don't have any memories of TV's from the 60's as I was born in 1967, and my first TV memory would have been the color TV we had when I was 5, which didn't look anything like the big boxes that were in living rooms back in the day...

Looking at Tony's list, I don't think that I'll have enough material to fill all 30 days (I know I won't), but it'll be good for me to do some digging to come up with cards to cover the different days.

Great idea Tony!  Sorry I'm nearly a month late, but that's the norm for me lately...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. My buddy and I were just reminiscing about when there were knobs and rabbit ears on TV's. Oh... those were the days.